What to do With Inherited Land in FL

What to do With Inherited Land in FL

When you receive an inheritance of real estate, such as land, following the passing of a loved one, it can feel like a monumental task, especially when factoring in the complexities of probate or shared ownership among several heirs. If you find yourself as the new owner of land that you do not intend to keep, you may be contemplating the idea of selling the property. After confirming the successful transfer of title to your name and addressing any existing liens or encumbrances, you can start estimating the potential proceeds from selling the land.

It is important to approach this process with practical expectations; keep in mind that land usually takes longer to sell compared to residential properties. For reference, the average time a piece of land spent on the market in 2020 was slightly over seven months. Once you have tidied up the land, ensuring it is well-maintained and attractive to potential buyers, the next step involves choosing the most suitable method for selling the land based on your circumstances. Continue reading as we delve into the options for handling inherited land in FL.


If you are facing financial strain and want to capitalize on the relief that selling your inherited land can bring, time is of the essence. One option available in FL is to offer the land for sale to interested family members as a swift way to secure a buyer. While you may not wish to retain the inherited land, other family members might have a sentimental attachment and prefer to keep it within the family. Keep in mind that family members may anticipate preferential pricing, which could mean not receiving the full market value through this route. It’s also vital to consider the long-term impact on your relationship if any resentment lingers post-sale on either side.

Avoid involving family members in the sale process by reaching out to a local professional investor, such as the experts at Philly Land Investor, who will present you with a fair offer for the land. By selling directly to Philly Land Investor, you can expect a quick closing within days as we offer cash transactions.


Selling inherited land in FL as an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) can be a tempting option for some landowners. However, the reality often proves to be more challenging than expected. Managing the marketing of the land on online platforms, which is crucial in today’s tech-savvy world, can be a costly endeavor. Poor-quality photographs are likely to deter potential buyers. Moreover, negotiating with buyers and handling the intricate paperwork can be overwhelming. Let’s not overlook the significant closing expenses involved as well.

Alternatively, you can simplify the process by selling directly to a professional investor like Philly Land Investor. By doing so, you can circumvent the upfront costs of listing, bypass the complexities of dealing with individual buyers, and reduce the associated stress.

Listing Agent

Looking to avoid the hassle of listing the land yourself? Consider another option for dealing with inherited land in FL – reach out to a professional real estate agent. They can handle the marketing, negotiations, and paperwork involved in selling real estate. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll be responsible for covering all out-of-pocket expenses related to the listing and paying hefty commissions to the agent from your profits. Opting for a direct sale of your inherited land to an experienced investor like those at Philly Land Investor eliminates the need to worry about commission fees. By dealing directly with a buyer from Philly Land Investor, you can enjoy a seamless selling experience without the stress of complex negotiations. Our transparent contract ensures there are no hidden fees to catch you off guard at closing, and when you sell your property directly to Philly Land Investor, you won’t be burdened with any closing costs.

Looking for guidance on what to do with inherited land in FL? Reach out to the experts at Philly Land Investor for personalized assistance. At Philly Land Investor, we prioritize open communication and listening to your needs to provide you with the best solutions. Take advantage of our no-obligation consultation where we will offer our expert opinion without any pressure. Our goal at Philly Land Investor is to help you make informed decisions that you’ll be happy with in the long run. Let a seasoned professional investor from Philly Land Investor assess the value of your land and compare our offer with the option of listing with an agent or selling on your own. Contact Philly Land Investor at (215) 422-3288 to get started.

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