5 Ways to Make Money From Vacant Land in Philadelphia

As a limited commodity, there is an inherent stability in land ownership. Additionally, there are several ways for real estate investors to benefit from adding land to their portfolio. Before you make such a large investment, it is beneficial to explore the array of methods to earn the best possible return on your dollar. Additionally, … Continued

5 Tips For Buying The Perfect Piece of Land In Philadelphia

Tip #1: Determine Your Goals Before buying vacant land in Philadelphia, PA, ask yourself: what is my goal with the land? Once you determine your goals with the property, that will guide you to buy the perfect piece of land in Philadelphia. Will you be reselling the land after the purchase? Are you looking to … Continued

5 Things To Know About Selling Your Vacant Land In Philadelphia

Buying and selling vacant land is usually a specialized facet of the real estate market. If you own vacant land or are thinking about owning vacant land, here are five things to know about selling your vacant land in Philadelphia. Market is Less Active The first thing you need to understand about selling your vacant … Continued