6 Tips for Buying Land With No Money in

buying land with no moneyAre you looking for some tips on buying land with no money in ? This article will address that topic and help you invest in real estate investing with little or no money.

6 Tips on Buying Land With No Money (or Little Money Down) in

People who are familiar with the real estate investment market know that buying land can be more expensive than buying houses through an investment deal when it comes to upfront money. You often have to have a larger down payment to purchase land than you do when you buy a house on land.

But here are 6 ways that you can go around that and end up with a great real estate investment deal.

  1. Get a USDA loan. If you want to buy land but don’t have the capital to do so through traditional means, you can get a USDA loan. A USDA loan offers you complete 100% financing for land that you want to purchase, provided that you meet some standards of eligibility. There may be a credit check involved and you may be required to show proof that you can close the deal and have sufficient assets to serve as collateral. This is one option for investors who have a good credit rating and who don’t mind taking out a loan to purchase real estate.
  2. Create a real estate investment network. By networking with the right people, you can create your own real estate network that will give you many options for financing. Some of them feature auctions and other investment opportunities that allow you to build your reputation among other investors and to find opportunities for investing.
  3. Have $500 to spend on investments. If you are a new investor, it may surprise you to know that you only need about $500 to invest in some properties. This will depend on the situation, the amount of land and how motivated the seller is. If they need to sell fast, you may be able to work out a deal to invest for $500 or less. In fact, this article recommends you not offering more than $500 because it will create a sense of overeagerness to purchase.
  4. Look for listings that have been on the market a long time. You don’t have to put up a large amount of money in order to invest in land if you know where the need is. Sellers who have properties that have been on the market longer than 6 months often offer you a deal that involves little or no down payment on the land. Think about how you plan to use the land and what you plan to invest in the future on the property. If you can turn a quick profit by the use of your property that you purchase, you can pay off the total value of the property within a few months.
  5. Look for “Owner will carry” note. If you are interested in buying land without a large down payment in , it is possible to find a seller who will carry the note. This means that you can purchase a deed with little or no money but the original owner will get their property back if you default on the deal. This provides a “plan B” to both you and the seller if you are not able to make the payments for land. It also gives you an option to purchase land with very little down payment.
  6. Deal with the seller directly. Real estate investors can establish a positive relationship with the seller who may be willing to turn over the deed to you with very little money. Buying land with little or no money in can be possible if you deal with the seller directly and find out what their goals and motivations are. Then make them a deal that you can afford and they can’t refuse.

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